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What is the process of a reading?

A sacred space is created through the invocation of the Presence and Blessings of God for the highest awareness and healing possible in the moment. A short social history and summary of what the client is looking to receive is obtained. Then the reading begins using the Chakra system as a structural guide. Knowledge of the Chakra system is not necessary.


Is the session interactive?

It can be interactive or not, depending on the content.


3. What can I expect to receive from a reading?

Every reading encounter is a holy encounter, so what you receive is a function of: what you are needing and Gods Grace, in uncovering any spiritual, mental, emotional imbalances that may be creating disharmony in your body or spirit: and creating more alignment of yourself with the vessel of Divine Light, Love. Wisdom, Health, Peace that you were created to be.


Will Mary Louise offer a diagnosis?

Mary Louise is a spiritual/metaphysical (spirit, mind, emotions) reader into the body as correlated with the Chakra system. She is not a medical doctor or psychologist. Therefore, she offers no physical diagnosis. According to Vedic Tradition, that which appears in the physical is present six months prior in the energy field. Mary Louise recommends this prayer Thank you God/Great Spirit/Heavenly Father/Heavenly Mother for healing me of any and all deep seated stuck lingering imbalances or illusions in my spirit, mind, emotions, body, Chakra system manifesting in the physical, so that I may be the vessel of your Love and Light that I was created to be. Aum/Ahmen


Are readings recorded?

No.  After the reading, the client will be given pertinent information, summary and homework to write down.


How long is a reading?

A strong 75 minutes.


How do I make an appointment?

You print the release form, make an appointment via the phone (609) 399 - 0499 and forward signed release form with payment to Mary Louise. Mary Louise will call you at your appointment time. She requests that you are undisturbed for the session in a comfortable, quiet place with paper and pencil.