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Mary Louise Hayes assistance as a spiritual growth coach helped to bring forth this change:  "Mary Louise assisted me in developing my ability to see the significance of life events with joy and acceptance rather than fear and pain"...S.F.

Mary Louise Hayes received recognition as a medical intuitive by: nationally respected holistic OB/GYN, Dr Christine Northrup, in her publication "Health Wisdom for Women (1994)".

Dr. Christine Northrup defines a "medical intuitive as one who can read/see the spiritual, mental, emotional patterns and beliefs that can affect your body.  She often sends her patients to a medical intuitive when a conventional diagnosis proves elusive.  Mary only needs the name and age of the patient to do a reading".

According to Eastern Philosophy imbalances in the spiritual, mental, emotional bodies can manifest within the physical body within 6 months as illness or physical imbalances.

Dr. Noel Nowicki MD and Acupuncturist formerly of Kessler Rehab stated "I am a physician who practices acupuncture which involves balancing energies.  We are a composite of energies which is what sets up health/illness.  When faced with a challenging  case, I send them to Mary Louise for a reading".

Dr. Mark Micozzi, Editor of "Fundamentals of Complimentary and Integrative Medicine, 2nd Editor stated after a demonstration of medical intuition reading "energy healing has arrived as a proper field of scientific study and practice.

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Spiritual Readings

As a spiritual reader, Mary Louise carries the energy of Divine Love with Wisdom which interfaces with her readings, and bridges to Higher Consciousness for client's awakening to a more balanced perspective.

To make an appointment 1-609-399-0499