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About Mary Louise Hayes and Medical Intuition

Mary Louise Hayes CAEH, MBA, LPT has been actively providing Medical Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Readings since 1994.  Mary Louise was western trained as a physical therapist (LPT 1976) at the University of Pennsylvania and Eastern trained at Dr. Jaffee MD, Spiritual School of Healing (CAEH 1994).

Mary Louise Hayes received recognition as a medical intuitive by: nationally respected holistic OB/GYN, Dr Christine Northrup, in her publication "Health Wisdom for Women (1994)".

Dr. Christine Northrup defines a "medical intuitive as one who can read/see the spiritual, mental, emotional patterns and beliefs that can affect your body.  She often sends her patients to a medical intuitive when a conventional diagnosis proves elusive.  Mary only needs the name and age of the patient to do a reading".

According to Eastern Philosophy imbalances in the spiritual, mental, emotional bodies can manifest within the physical body within 6 months as illness or physical imbalances.

Dr. Noel Nowicki MD and Acupuncturist formerly of Kessler Rehab stated "I am a physician who practices acupuncture which involves balancing energies.  We are a composite of energies which is what sets up health/illness.  When faced with a challenging  case, I send them to Mary Louise for a reading".

Dr. Mark Micozzi, Editor of "Fundamentals of Complimentary and Integrative Medicine, 2nd Editor stated after a demonstration of medical intuition reading "energy healing has arrived as a proper field of scientific study and practice.

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Spiritual Readings

As a spiritual reader, Mary Louise carries the energy of Divine Love with Wisdom which interfaces with her readings, and bridges to Higher Consciousness for client's awakening to a more balanced perspective.

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